Tea is a long-term crop and so are our commitments to sustainability

By integrating our sustainability strategy into our business and our business partners practices, it supports us commercially and enhances our tea products.

Our Strategy

Business: Address social and environmental issues by demonstrating it is more financially rewarding to be sustainable. We offer teas and tea blends that are certified by Organic Certified by QAI, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade, Natural Health Product (NHP). These certifications standards ensure efficient agriculture practices and sustainable community development by creating social and environmental standards.

Environment: Aim to be environmentally neutral and make a positive contribution to environmental recovery and resilience. We offer a biodegradable packaging option for FUSO which is made from polylactic acid vs nylon.

People: Strive to make NATEA an enjoyable and rewarding place to work, that nurtures and develops our people for the benefit of the individual, the company and the community.

Partnerships: Take an active leadership role in dealing with sustainability issues and share our knowledge for the benefit, with our suppliers, communities and customers.

Products & Services: Develop and provide sustainable products and services that contribute positively to the health and wellbeing of society.