Our History

North American Tea (NA TEA) began in 1977, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada sourcing and manufacturing premium specialty tea from around the world. With our specialized tea manufacturing processes and employees dedicated to the art of tea, we have become one of the largest providers of specialty tea to North America and a world class innovator.

In 2013, North American Tea became part of TreeHouse Foods, a publicly traded company (THS). Bay Valley Foods, LLC (BVF) is an operating subsidiary of TreeHouse Foods, Inc., and North American Tea, as a division of Associated Brands, Inc., is now an affiliate of Bay Valley Foods. Creating a multi-category Exclusive Brand company meeting customer demands for low cost, innovation, flexibility, unique merchandising and service has driven BVF to become a "Supplier of Choice" by offering services and value not achievable by traditional manufacturers.

By becoming a part of TreeHouse Foods, North American Tea expanded its distribution network across the United States and Canada.

Our Facilities & Formats

Our production facility is over 200,000 square feet of specialty tea manufacturing space. We use the latest in tea manufacturing technologies to provide teas to private label, co-manufacturing and food service customers all over the world. NATEA offers a wide variety of teas with extensive packaging formats.

  • Traditional Round Bag
  • Traditional Square Bag
  • Traditional Bag with Tag & envelope- no staple
  • Biodegradable & Recycled bags
  • Premium Nylon higher weight bags
  • Full leaf biodegradable bags & envelopes
  • Fuso Premium Nylon Bags with higher weight
  • Loose leaf tea • Family size tea bags